Monday, June 22, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparizzi Pics (Pt.153)

The roof, the roof, the roof was NOT on fire this past Saturday! Too much damn misty rain, so we moved the party inside, and what a party it was. My long time friend, and a fav DJ of mine (who is also EVE's stage DJ) Miss Saigon, set it off early for those that attended with her signature brand of "Hip-80's-Pop-Rock" mixes she does best. Folks that came out seem disappointed that the roof wasn't a no-go but made the best of it, once the music (and drinks) kicked in. M-1 (of Dead Prez), DJ Kid Capri, Sway (of MTV, and one of the party's host), and Bonsu (XXL/King mag) all came out to peep the opening night, and spread the word. I 'm so used to doing events in BK I had forgotten how scantily dressed some women come out to party! I wasn't mad, I was just shocked and rudely re-awakened LOL. None the less the turn out was a descent one being that the rain was making things well...Wet. After awhile VIP had ran out of tables and used some chicks ASS(!) to do bottle service (see last two pics below)! WOW! Anyways, we're planning a "do-over" THIS Saturday (June 27th), and according to the weather (87 & sunny) we SHOULD be good money with the roof top being open this time around. Thanks to the Breakfast Club on this one, you guys are the future! Here's the addy again case you wanna come thru this weekend: 405 W.39th St. betwn 9th & 10th ave. 10pm-4am Hope to see you!

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Ian D. said...

I happened to be here @HK on Saturday night and it was an interesting turn of events. I was also a little disappointed how some of the women were dressed for being grown, but also managed to get my own pic(with permission) of the jawn and the glass on her (ass). She was wildin out at the end of the night(dont know if you saw that) when i left. crrazy

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