Monday, June 15, 2009

"Dance The Dance Electric!" -Watch The Best Get Better

Tonight if you're down for the cause, there'll be a DOPE performing arts showcase hosted by the Highland Ballroom I think you should attend. Think "Fame" of "You Think You Can Dance" live on stage w/the city's finest hot steppers! Plus music by BK's own DJ Hard Hittin' Harry, and Blitz the Ambassador w/ TK Wonder take the stage too. NICE! Tickets are damn near sold out so I highly suggest you hurry yo ass to the box office. Tell'em the Minority Report sent you.

Mon. June 15th
"Love Is Love" -Dance Showcase /Fundraiser
Highland Ballroom - W.16th (betwn 9th & 10th)
Music by DJ Hard Hittin' Harry
Admission $15

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