Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Shots Fired? Nah Them Fireworks Man!" - 4th of July All Day Event "BK ALL DAY!" 4pm-4am

We are but one weekend away till one of the biggest 4th of July celebrations EVER! Not only is it a holiday weekend, it's also the first Sat. of the month which means that the Target's BK Museum after party will be SICK! Some of the biggest boroughs most followed "Brooklynistas" have join forces to present a BBQ like none ever seen in awhile. Here's the check list of who, the Ahficionados, the Minority Report, Harriet's Alter Ego, and clothing brand Alador & Smith just to name a few. Vendor ship, a live performance, catered & grilled food, plus special guest DJs spinning ALL DAY! 2 huge flrs. indoors (case of rain lately) and one large outdoor deck. Sounds like fun right? :D So you're in right?

1st EVER "BK ALL DAY!" BBQ Social
and Target's 1st Sat. after party!
Hosted by Harriet's Alter Ego, Alador & Smith
the Minority Report, the Ahficionados
, the Stylistics Agency
along w/ the Breakfast Club
Starts 4pm-4am
(Newly Opened) Green lounge- 1175 Bedford Ave.
betwn Putnam and Jefferson
Two flrs and one huge backyard deck
Music by Ahficionados, Soundproof International
DJ Trama, DJ Goldfinger
, Jasmin Solano and many MORE!
Food both catered & grilled by Butterfly Prod. ($5 plates)
Special surprise LIVE performance!
"Ms. Independence" Fashion show by Butch Diva
Vendor ship (House of Nasset, HAE) from 4pm-8pm

Click HERE to see pics of the space where the BBQ will be.
See you next Saturday!

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