Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Meet The Face Of NYPDonkey" -NYC Gets Alot Of Ass

Start getting real familiar with this face folks, cause you'll soon be seeing alot more of it on NYC streets! Why? Well due to budget cuts, the city is attempting to make in all departments, the NYPD mounted police force will be forced to downgrade their trusty steeds to this lil' fella over here. Not only are they traditional known to carry more weight (those donuts DO add on pounds) they also eat less and take up less space than the horses they'll be replacing. When questioning a policeman (we'll call him "Officer Shrek", to protect his identity) how he felt about the the news that he'll soon be serving the law on one of these, he answered (off the record of course) "Well, the way I see things big brass has been riding MY ass for years since I joined the force! 'Bout time I got to ride someone elses ASS for a change!"
Well spoken I guess, so don't be shocked if you hear "Freeze junkie" coming from on top of one of these furry creatures. It's just the boys in blue riding yet another "taxpayer's ass" in public...Again!

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