Friday, June 5, 2009

"I Got Good & Bad News, Which One You Want 1st (Saturdays)?" -1st Saturdays After Party Update

Okay, so you been rocking with our Target's 1st Saturday "Ah-fficial" after party for MONTHS now right? And you moved with us from spot to spot, and witnessed first hand how it's been growing BIGGER each one right? Well, we wanna thank you for all the support, however here's the thing...June 6th, this coming Saturday, tomorrow, we'll be taking one off!! Yeah, bummer right? Trust me, I was looking so forward to this one as well. But don't despair, we got something cooking (literally) up even BETTER for the next one! Which by the way fall exactly on the 4th of July!!! Yes the 4th! So you KNOW what that means right? You see where I going huh? YES, a full all out cook-out party! With live performances, vendors, and guest DJ's rarely seen in Brooklyn. "BK ALL DAY!" is what we're calling it, and we've teamed up with Harriet's Alter Ego, and Alador & Smith, plus tons of hosts (like the Breakfast Club) to bring you something never seen before at a BBQ...Trust! From 4pm-4am we will be giving the very best BK has to offer, under one roof (and a HUGE back yard). Start making plans now around the date, it will more than make up for the "no-go" this Saturday. BELIEVE me on this one. Here's a preview of the venue we're rocking at BONG! Sorry if we disappointed you for this weekend, our apologizes. You'll be thanking us for the next one.

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