Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Sweet Seventeen" -Two Events For Music & Art Lovers Alike

Lucky you not one but duece caliente events are happening tonight that you can choose from! First up is the "Secret Wars" Live art battle that Yume is hosting which pits NY v.s. the U.K. The catch is that the two teams can only paint using a black & white medium! June 19th and 20th the winner move on to the finale showcase for bragging right held at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival this weekend!
Then you have Eric Roberson's soul soiree' "Sol Village" he throws on Wednesdays at S.O.B.'s featuring the talents of underground artist keeping the neo-soul torch aflame. This is something I suggest all lovers of good music to take part in attending at least once. It's good for the "soul" man, trust me. Lol.

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