Friday, June 26, 2009

"The Trill(er) Is Gone!" -The King (Of Pop) Is Dead, Long Live The King (Of Pop)!

I'm pretty sure but now you've received the despairing text, e-mail, phone call, or been stopped on the street, informing you about passing of Michael Jackson. He was many things to many people besides the musical legend he had been destined to become. "The Gloved One", "The Moon Walker, "Mr. He He He" himself lived up to and way beyond everything people knew since the was a kid he'd become. I think that the reason he'll be so missed by his fans, is he gave them so much to miss. First the fearless kid prodigy lead singer of the Jackson 5. Then as the sequined jacket high watered, glimmering sock wearing dancing phenom that dominated the look & the sound of the 80's. To the tormented exiled "King", longing to revive his career and return to his former glory. Each carnation he went through, it seemed he became even larger then life each time! Kids born WAY after the time of his reign, STILL view him as a mystical like hero figure. Akin to Batman, Spiderman, Superman, then add Michael to that list, a real human being! He had become just that big. Ironically, I had a conversation with someone just reflecting on how the out pour of love for James Brown was like none I've EVER seen in my lifetime, "Can you just imagine what the turn out will be for Mike?" was what I questioned my friend aloud. Who know I'd be finding out sooner then I (or ANYONE for that matter) thought. Why do folks take the death of a public figure so hard? My theory is that once you do become so iconic around the world and in peoples mind, even death is beyond them. Death can be beyond them, if you keep that person in your heart and thoughts. R.I.P. MJ, I will always "Remember the Time" that I fell in love with your music.

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