Monday, June 22, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.152)

Whoa, the feedback and RSVP's for this event ("Rock Wit It" -30 yrs. deep of Hip-Hop and R&B) was huge, but I never imagined it would be ANYTHING like this! We started off early with a model and designer search along with Butch Diva (we STILL need more models btw) around 7ish, which was already a party atmosphere. Chivas Regal stopped thru and hit the bar off with FREE product that everybody got lit off of (the "August 15th" drink did that). By 9pm, we threw the movie "Juice" on in the DVD, and the Ahficionados took over with their special brand of mood music. Then by 12am when DJ Goldfinger took over, folks were GONE! He went through hit after hit like he was Jay-Z freestylin' one take! Butch Diva's entourage changed into their party gear and it was "spandex & chaos" all night! I swore this is the MOST fun I've had at one of my events in a min. Song after song, after song, after song, he never let up to give cats a break from dancing. It was just that awesome! Well anyways, on to the next thing (back at ReBar) which will be Rock the Block BK presents "Bad To Def"-a Bad Boy v.s. Def Jam musical tribute party w/ DJ Goldfinger and the Ahficionados returning to do the musical honors JULY 24th folks (write that down somewhere now!). Thanks for the continued support and hopefully we'll see you at "BK All Day" -the huge July 4th BBQ (4pm-4am) too. I'll post details soon.

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