Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"I've Fallen For You, Don't Ever Transform...Ummm Change!"-Transformers 2 Movie Review

Even though you could never tell by the weather we're having, Summer has officially started folks once a Transformer movie comes out! Now I grew up on this cartoon phenom, but wasn't so "jazzed" hearing about a movie adaption of it. So much so, that when the first one came out, I never caught a showing in the theaters (gasp!). I first viewed it on a flat screen club TV out in Philly (on mute), then later on cable at a hotel in between "humpin' " Which isn't the best way to follow a movie. But I do remember liking the first movie. Now on to Transformers 2, which we knew HAD to happen due to all the ca$h one made. Well think of part two as one on that "Barry Bonds juice!" Bigger, louder, and I went deafer lol. Now this is the stuff Summer block buster should be made of. Not to much hard thinking involved, alot of fight scenes, sexy on screen women, a lil' suspenseful, a lil' emotional, a lot of humor. This isn't an "oscar worthy" film, but it is what it is...which is pretty good. Trust me, It had it's plot (and script) "wtf?" moments, but the action is so quick, it's no time for deep thoughts about "HUH? Can someone PLEASE explain to me how that happened?" I think that's how the movie studios get you into seeing it again (lol). Anyways, that Fox chick? Holy franks & beans! At 2o feet tall on a screen, she is sooooo freakin' African summer heat HOT man! All she needs to do is adopt a few kids and Angelina Jolie's career is toilet tissue...a WRAP! Never mind can she act, no one's paying her to be Meryl Streep bro. I kept having to use the ice from my soda to cool my lap down the whole movie, plus a refill (LOL)! Shia, who plays pretty much THE SAME character in every movie (to me a least), was really good in this one. But with all the artifact searching in the film, it was like he was back on the set of "Raiders" again. On a different note, "Optimum On-Line Prime's" voice should be casted as the voice of God! It's just very commanding. However, I was NOT feeling the twin "Ghetto-bots" dawg. You mean to tell me that these aliens have spend egos on Earth, and traveled from light years away, only to transform into some souped up, foul-mouthed Dodge Neo's? Sporting gold "grills" huh? May as throw a NY fitted on him, and have their bumpers sagging in the back why don't you, my ni66a !?! Then with this bad economy, the N. Korea missle threat, and health care on Obama's already full plate. You gonna throw his name up in the mix, to solve some intergalactic fighting robots crisis too! Sheesh! That's also using our fuel (no hybrids were harmed in the making of this film)! Go "BOO" yourself Mr. Bay! On a final note, if you plan to go see it, do when the Sun rises earliest towards the eastern sky, or when the Moon is at it's lowest across the horizon. Saw it at 31 mins. past midnight and the line was DUMB long! Got out and had to go straight to work...THAT's how long the movie is too! Minority readers, "ROLL OUT!" This gets 2 1/2 out 4 M's!

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