Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.150)

It's been a long time , I shouldn't have left you without a strong blog to step to...I truly apologize about missing two days without posting. But a ni66a caught that "Fried rice w/ pork" flu that's going around. Those two days it was GORGEOUS outside, I was home chillin' (literally w/ the chills) between the sheets like an Isley Brother! Lol! Anyway Mon AND Tues. I made up for the lost time by finally stopping through to that newly buzzed spot on Mondays 105 Rivington. Dauod (of Coup D'Etat BK) always hits me up (via text) about this spot and plus I got co-signage for L.A. (Lyshaan Hall) so now well rested, it was 'bout that time. Mind you the room is small but with the right look, it's good money! With the stripper pole in full view + flowing drinks...Recession done! Mingled with some cuties that attended the "Shoe game" event that were there, and re-meet Lichiban's roomie too, also some local regs were present. After 2 rounds of Patron shots it was CUT! PRINT! QUICK go to a commercial break! I was DONE! Either girls were spinning around the pole or the room was spinning around them. Good night Irene, the keys are under the mat! Next night L.A. and I are right back up in Deity helping DJ Trama celebrate another B'day. I see already this July 4th thang is going to be a PROBLEM! As the Chinese would say "F#@K Yeah!" I don't know the true translation, but I'm pretty sure they say that. LOL!

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