Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Whatever Happens In Vegas...Is REALLY Funny!" -the Hangover Review

I'm pretty sure by now all of America has seen this film by now right? From the trailers, it was easy to predict that this would be a winner straight out the gate. At for the first weekend of it's release. But would it be as funny as it looked was what I was really curious about. From the feedback I was getting from my "peeps" word was "Yo, you GOTTA see that flick...
"Hilarious" is a huge word to live up to in my book, cause I often find comedies kinda predictable after while. So I'm a harsher critic when it comes to them off the bat. Early in the film the premise is set up that this is a mission against all convention. Their in a fight against time (the wedding is the NEXT day) and their wives wishes. The man-child characters type are as follows, the "nerd", the "fat weirdo", and the "cool mischievous one". Plus you can't forget the "straight man", which was the groom himself. A "fellowship of the (wedding) ring" is a good way to describe it. Lol. The movie sets you up right at the end of the very beginning & aftermath of their night of mayhem in Vegas. It's like you skip "the commercials" IE "the bachelor party" on your DVR! So just like them, your compelled to find out "What the HELL really happened?!" After watch the whole movie not too much from what you see in the commercials and trailers. I was kinda wish they HAD shown more of the mystery night, It left too much to be explained to me it seems. And only cause the groom was missing, are they even really concerned why they couldn't remember their antics. The baby "Carlos" is another one of the stars here. Just the facial expressions are scene stealer's alone. Now I'm not saying this isn't a good flick to go see, I just was expecting...More. Is that wrong? Stay till the end credits, that's the part I really laughed out load about. I wish we saw more of THAT!
I give it 3 out of four M's!


Anonymous said...

Al your bugging! That ish was dead funny! 4M's my man!

Anonymous said...

this movie was beyond hilarious!

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