Monday, June 29, 2009

"That's My Joint!" -Spike Lee Has Art

Due to a hectic weekend, I was lucky enough to catch the kick off event for the organically produced Spike Lee honor/tribute that Sallomazing & one Ashley Mui (and the help of others) put together (this past week, starting last Thurs) down at LIU's Brooklyn campus. The turn-out was a nice collective of close friends, family, creative minds, and Spike fans alike coming out in support of both the artist and the event. I snapped a few flicks of the Spike Lee inspired art and caught a quick few mins of the speakers panel being held. Kudos to the team! Based on the success of this I KNOW bigger things are in the works for you guys!

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femi. said...

aaaaw, sallome looks brootiful.

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