Friday, June 5, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparizzi Pics (Pt.149)

I must say man, this Date Auction event we (the Minority Report, 2 Guys & a Gal, & The Bridge Lab) held this past Wed. at Aspen (22nd betwn 5th & 6th) turned out rather nicely! Not only was it a well dress mixed crowd of folks socializing and networking, the MUSIC selection by the Ahficionados was on point that night! A live jazz band played first, before "the Ah" took over the set creating a really laid back vibe. Both casual and sexy at the same time. I've NEVER held nor attended, a date auction... my life. But this event made me think deeply about doing yet another one, like soon. Once the bidding started, so did the jokes, which made the mood a bit more light hearted and intimate, just in case folks were a bit shy with theirs. Big kudos to the entire crew and those that participated for putting this together and getting "the Bridge Is Over" group (see Facebook) back into the city for this one! It was a blast! And I'm not one to just use the word "blast" lightly (or ever at all, to be honest) Lol. I'll put you on when another one goes down. Here's a link to some more pics of the event from top to bottom, click here NOSEY!

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