Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Get Into The Party Life" -Fly La (dy) Di Da Di We Like To Party

You can see there's ALOT going on this week! The high for me is the return of Fly Lady Di back to the city that adores her. Keistar is at it again with their Fela V.S. James Brown party @ LOVE. Mos Def needs you to lend an ear, for his album listening party on Friday. But before that check out my home girls doing their thing Thurs. for "Ladies Love The Breaks" Simply click on to the indie fliers to get the location info for each one and enjoy!

I can't make EVERYTHING so hit me with an email to give me a review of how which ever one you attended turned out

1 comment:

FLY LADY DI said...

OH HOW I LOVE THEE ALANZO DALE... Thank you can't wait to see your faaaace!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"