Friday, May 29, 2009

"Where The Ladies At?!?"-It's FINALLY "Shoe" Time!

These fine ass ladies (plus more) will be in attendance tonight at the much talked about event this week (at least by me lol), and they'll be rocking their hottest heels and such. It's no trend folks, shoe shopping is a LIFESTYLE! Trust me we completely under
stand, you CAN'T wear'em ALL. the Breakfast Club
(along w/ Aimee L,,

LMortlock.blogspot) are just asking for you to sport the ones that even YOU can't believe are on your feet! I can just hear the "hate-versation" when you walk by like "Oh look those are NICE! But she/he ain't f#@kin' with these right here!" It's just that serious people. Here's some pics of a pair I spotted while out and about (no, they're NOT for me) that I looking to see if someone is bold enought to wear. See you guys tonight! The whole club will be looking a GOOD way!
P.S. don't step on mine!

The Minority Report Alongside The Breakfast Club Presents

"I Gotta A Mean Shoe Game"

Fri. May 29th

Sponsored by
Uptown Magazine

Music By the Ahficionados along w/ DJ Radio Rose
DJ jasmine Solano

527 Myrtle Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(btwn Grand st. and Steuben st.)

Ladies : Free all night
Gentlemen : $5 w/ladies $10 w/o ladies

No fitted hats
Doormans Discretion

Prizes will be given for the best shoe of the night
Raffling tickets to exclusive polo sample sale

Birthday Parties Requests

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