Friday, February 13, 2009

"Baby Makin' Music" -Cupid's Soundtrack, Happy St. V-Day

While during one of our open talk forums on the opposite sex, "Pillow Talk", the women in attendance made it VERY clear that music still plays a MAJOR part in the role of foreplay when setting the mood. The guy's response to that...
"Whatever ma!"
However, I for one remember the times when making a slow jam mix tape was what was up! And selecting the RIGHT songs could help you score all the way to "homebase" SWEET! Nowadays the girls I get down with, keep their iPods on during the WHOLE thing! But I don't think it's for the same See I'm cool with it, as long as she's not playing "Blame It On the Alcohol" or "I Don't Want No Minute Man" Feel me? Happy St. V-Day! Here's some tunes she can "ride" to! Lol.

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