Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"She's/He's Not That In(ternet) You!" 21st Century Love

As Valentine' s Day approaches it's realistic to say that times have changed in the area of dating and courtship. Especially with the rise in popularity of on-line dating sites and social networks. But as things change, some things remain the same. Here's some helpful "red flags" to wake you up out of the "Matrix" of love while you're looking for a "Neo."

Sign one. You've been dating for a while, and she/he has yet to accept your friend request.

Two. All the photos in her/his gallery of you together they've cropped you out of (?)

Three, ALL 60 of her/his friends in common are dudes/chicks!

Four. You get a status notice that says she/he plans to attend the event "Freaks, Swingers, and Strippers Oh My!"

Five is, she/he mysteriously logs off AS SOON as you sign in. Hmmm?

Six would be, some girl/guy ALWAYS mentions them in a note called "My Greatest Jump-Offs EVER!-the NYC edition"

is having another page, under a different name, but with the SAME profile picture (huh?)!

I'm thinking eight would be, they have MAD albums each with a different guy/girl.

Nine, you get sent a "Let's link up" message and notices it's in a thread "replies all"

And lastly ten is a sure sign when she/he changes their status says "open relationship" while yours STILL says
"in a relationship!" YIKES!


jerica said...

OMG 5 is so funny. 7 ( 5 keep trying to tell her but she wont listen).
10 So true. Or if it says that the girl is married and he has his status hidden. HINT HINT.

100K said...

Three, ALL 60 of her/his friends in common are dudes/chicks!

true story

Sallome Beta said...

Yo! You are messing up my game Sun! But I am glad that you put it up for these dudes! lmao

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"