Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.127)

Yeah I know I had previous wrote that I had NO real interest in the Super Bowl, however I DID say I love a good get together w/ good food, good friends, and drinks included...Right? And Sunday, both the game and the company, were no let down. Once again the place of gathering was L.A.'s crib, and everyone from Misako (Rag & Bone), Amanda Diva, some folks from the "Obama Nation" bus trip, to Daoud (of Coup D'Etat BK) and the Brooklyn Circus crew, came through to break bread and root for whoever. Midway thru the game, I was leaning more towards the Steelers (or maybe it was the drinks that had me leaning hmmm), and low and behold look who won. I wouda loved to give you guys a review of the commercials, but who could hear over the raised voice cheering and debating. Well next year, I guess.


Conner said...

Great times.

Can the chef's get a shout out??

Is_is said...

What chefs?? Didn't the food just magically appear on it's own??

Boooooo Alanzo!

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

Ummm this is a blog NOT the Grammys people! You guys got LOVE on the "Pillow Talk" posting. As a matter of fact I forget okay?! Sue me after the recession!

Conner said...

LMAO. I'll let my lawyer know to hold off.

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"