Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Post Return To Sender"- Really? You Serious? On Blk History Month! Come On Now!

Honestly I NEVER liked the NY Post. Their paper's approach to news seem always tabloid-like to me. So when folks start rallying for a boycott, I've been on that kick for a min already! Even more so now that they have the mind-less audacity to publish this cartoon featured above, and feel that they were just doing so w/no malice intent...
huh? There's this line that Deniro says in "Casino" that reminds me of this situation "You're either in on it, or you're too stupid to figure it out! Either way you're OUTTA here!" Meaning if the cartoonist didn't THINK it may come across as offensive, then the NY Post editors could have seen a red flag go up. I'm betting there wasn't a single person of color in the room when the decision was made to go to print with this. Not one. I'm with Sharpton on this one folks. The next time I even SEE a Post, it better be wrapped around old fish or dog $#it! Straight up! Now let someone drawn one with the Post cartoonish shot on the ground! Watch folks be up in arms then!

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