Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Get Money!" -It's That Time Of The Year Again

For those looking for a financial kick in the pants and you're looking to get the most of of your tax return, I got you! Word on the street is this guy is SO good that he'll get your full income tax check, your stimulus, $#!+t even your REPARATION check! YES he's just THAT good! Tired of other tax preparation spots "picking" over your W-2 and getting more back than YOU? Well the folks over at ACACIA they use "fine tooth combs." And give you a more personal touch sometimes needed with customers, to help them better understand what to expect back from the government. Before they run out an get those spinning rims and a Playstation 3 in the head rest. Now I couldn't keep the spot all to myself, so this is my tax time gift to you. There's a 25% off discount if you mention that the Minority Report sent you their way. Don't be a (H&R) Blockhead this time around! Here's the address:


520 Nostrand Ave. (off of Fulton) 2nd flr suite
Mr. Hall 917-604-8643, (347) 405-6280

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