Monday, February 2, 2009

"G's Up!" -(Vitamin) Water Get No Enemy!

I'm not sure if you've been noticing the boldly colored ads lacing the subways of recent with either some broken up word of inspiration, or simply the iconic logo, a "G" w/the lightening bolt. Well FYI that's Gatorade's latest campaign to win back the thirsty of all those that deflected over to the country of Vitamin Water. Now rewind a few days back to last Monday, I get back to "Minority Headquarters" to find a huge package waiting by my doorsteps,which was quite heavy btw. Placed my ear on it to check if it was ticking, then took it inside for closer inspection. Encased inside the package was a crisp black leather box containing...7 different flavors of Gatorade, a booklet, and a flash drive w/ a Quicktime format commercial of numerous athletes, giving their own definition of what "G" means to them. After working up a sweat to get the box open I had to drink one just to cool down! I 'm guessing someone figured "If he's a tastemaker, then he NEEDS to be TASTING stuff." Right? After refrigration and spending time with each flavor, G2 it my favorite. It's like when you get the just right mix of sugar, Kool-Aid and water Mama use to make. I'm guessing the "G" stands for "Gulp" cause that's just what I did to each one. Lol! Good thing that I dug it cause not but two days later I get a whole MONTHS worth of the stuff shipped to me! YES! However I rush to drink it not reading that it's not FDA approved just yet, and may cause prolonged erections (score!), nose bleeds, abnormal hair growth in uncommon areas, anal swelling, temporary torettes, lateness to work, eratic texting, and sudden unexplained break ups in short term relationships. WHOA! So if I'm constantly late for work, you receive strange texts from me, I curse you out in public, and I've all of a sudden stop calling you, if we were "dating", then PLEASE excuse me. I guess that's just the "G" in me.

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sent to you by the good folks at sun in leo who identified al as one of the tastiest makers in nyc!

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