Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Get Into The Party Life" - Love In the Club? V'day Weekend Events

From today on there's a $#!t load of HOT events that you'll "LOVE" to be in attendance for I guarantee! First up TONIGHT is "the Red Light Special", the long awaited fashion showcase collabo of Butch Diva & Tiara Chemeleon, that they're promising will NOT be a let down! If you plan on stopping by EARLY arrival is highly suggested! Streets are talking already. I'm excited for them. Then tomorrow (Friday) you have two choices, one being a Raye6 show at the venue Uncle Mike's on Murray St. in the city OR "Love Me or Leave Me Alone" at Red Bamboo (BK) a Pre-V'day jammy jam complete w/ "Love Jones" & "The Best Man" screening (dope!), raffle of Coup D'Etat BK tee (doper!), guest DJ Jasmine Soloano (dopest) and NO cover fee (DAMN!!!) starting at 10pm sharp. Saturday is another banger w/ the Mary J. Blige tribute party "Rhythm & Bounce" at the poppin' Slyart Loft by Canal St. So ill ya'll! Then cause there's NO work come Monday, Pt.2 of that SMASH party "Dreams Come True" is happening at Libations once again! Whew, I'm tired just THINKING about all these joints, good thing I'll be off. Lol. See you around.

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