Friday, February 6, 2009

"At Last, Another Cat Fight!" - Knowles Knows Beef!

First Aretha, NOW Beyonce' has got Etta James (famous for that "At Last" song) to deal with. Yeah, I heard it's hard being a diva, and even harder when an upstart starts singing your signature songs...Dem fighting words! Lucky for me, I have friends in high places nice enough to leak to me a phone convo between Cadillac records star Etta James and "the Queen" herself Ms. Franklin plotting on Beyonce'! Bey better call Sasha Fierce or Destiny's Child for back up man! MEOW! Read along:

Ring! Ring! Ring!
Etta: Hello? Re Re? Girl you up? Get up sis, we gotta talk child!

(Munching) Oh heeeey, E.J. Yeah I'm up. Just making myself a lil' midnight snacky snack. Why, what's up?

Oh girl, you didn't hear yet huh? Well ya girl "Bey Bey" is at it AGAIN! This child done lost her weaved headed mind! See I okayed her to play me in the movie, but NOT in life girl! That ol' Will Smith looking of a President, Obama, had her singing MY $#!+! Oooooweee I'm hot like GRITS on Al Green's face over this girl! And you KNOW my blood pressure is bad.

Now now calm down Etta, I warned you bout F%3*in' with that young girl from day one. But you wanted her to play you and that's just what she did...PLAYED YOU! She KNOW not to get in my way. Her AND her daddy! That's just why I wore that big ass hat, to block America from seeing her ass up there. I got stored away a whole Mason jar fulla preserved "whoop ass" saved up for that girl. And I'm DYING to open it up! Imma make her and her husband have matching lips!

(Laughing) I hear that $#!* (laughter) I'm mo' catch her ass at the Grammys just wait. And I DARE her to sing my motherf#*^kin' song up there. She better learn to duck like Bush, cause shoes WILL be flying! Hmmm don't get me started (coughing).

Well the conversation turned to food and other diva like stuff, but you get the gist of things. Here's some audio of Etta ranting off at a recent (mall) concert that she wasn't even suppose to be singing at.

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