Monday, February 23, 2009

"Not So Private Ryan" -Leslie's Album FINALLY Sees The Light of Day!

In the era of producers/
background singers looking to gain more spotlight shine, Ryan Leslie is a fresh breath of air in the bunch. His uncon-
ventional approach to music and melody has created a alternative lane that few travel in. Personally I think the brother DOES have style, but lacks the charisma that consumers look for in an artist. It's hard to sometimes connect w/him and it's not cause of the shades he hides his eyes behind. I feel EVERYONE should have the right to express themselves artistically, but I wonder would some of the cuts off this self titled album be better suited for more seasoned artist to sing. Now don't read me wrong, I actual dig the album. "Diamond Girl" ,"Addicted" ,"How It Was Suppose To Be" are the standouts, and easy to see why they became singles. "Gibberish" is both inventive and scary at the same time. "Scary" meaning, that a song that has no real lyrics, MAY potentially catch on and become a hit. Which says alot about the sad state that music is in now. Trust me you can easily picture a Lil' Wayne remix in the near future with rapping even MORE gibberish over the same track. Lol! Had Ryan add this two tracks I posted to his album, he would of had me as his new fan club president-elect. But hey, you can't win (& download) 'em all right?

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