Friday, February 27, 2009

"Placing The Blame (On The Alcohol)" - Attending "Class" Tonight?

In not no way shape or form do I listen to the radio these days... Period! However, being that I'm in the service of planning events, I'm kinda on a "need to know" basis with what's hot out in the streets. So without drawing this out any longer, I gotta admit I'm FEELING this song right now! This is my joint! So tonight, if you're planning to attend "Class Reunion" and this particular song comes on, and folks start wildly out, I'll be right along wit'em! Drunk or sober! Sip sip sip sip gulp!

the NEW & IMPROVED "Class Reunion"
Fri. Feb. 27th
Hosted by the Minority Report, GUTs,
& Daoud (of Coup D'etat BK)
Tamboril -527 Myrtle Ave. near Grand St.
Music by the Ahficionados, w/ guest DJ Melo-X
10pm Dinner/Reception artist for Ryan "OINK" Dennie
$21 (w/tax included) pre-fix menu (ordering food not mandatory)
FREE! No Cover!
RSVP to reserve table
Thank You & G'Night!

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Anonymous said...

darn fell asleep :(

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"