Friday, February 27, 2009

"Bucket List? Nah I Ain't Dead Yet!" -25 Random Things About Me... You'd Never Guess!

I know you've been noticing the latest trend of folks posting on Facebook reveling things about themselves on the net, in a note titled "25 Random Things About Me" right? Well I've even given doing it great thought, and pondered long and hard about jumping on the band wagon, and finally decided...the public MUST know these things. So without further ado my friends, here's MY list!

Well for starters, I recently bought 2Pac's couch he rapped about, that Biggie supposedly to had slept on, off of Ebay.

My Mom used to get CUSTOM MADE leather belts JUST to beat me with.

I once braided my pubic hair and adored them w/ beads, just to pick up girls at a Stevie Wonder tribute party and bring home (FYI I wear purple condoms for the Prince fans).

As a child I couldn't look at Ms.Piggy the same way once I found out that's where pork comes from.

Thought it was the Yankees & the METS that fought in the Civil War. Duh!

In my early teens I caught "Jungle Fever" from some white girl at school, and had to miss classes for two weeks straight! And STILL need this expensive ointment, to keep it from flaring up.

I swore I had a huge family, till as an adult I realized "Auntie" was a code word for "Daddy's chick on the side."

I like to walk around the house naked...with tap dance shoes on...and a top hat. Which reminds me, I gotta get new taps!

I love to mess with waiters and ask for a "diet water." Or order dessert first, then see the menu.

I often daydream about jumping in front of an on-coming train, right in the middle of some one's conversation I'm standing with. Like "Excuse me, I think this is my train...Ahhh!" Just for shock value purposes alone.

One day I rode all the way out to Philly JUST to get a cheese steak! And rode all the way back to NY w/gas.

My name "ALANZO" means "Second son of Carolyn" & "DALE" means "Last name of first name."

I was once cast for a cereal commercial, but got fired because I'm lactose intolerant (got bad case of gas on set)!

I the smell of weave, that's been splashed with vintage champagne!

I get annoyed when I hear people talking to me. But it only happens at work.

I REALLY connected with the film "WALL*E" , because I too had a pet roach growing up.

Sometimes I swallow gum, just so I can pop $#it!

A turn on of mine is, a woman with can hold a GREAT conversation (oh...and she has to have an equally great looking face and body as well).

I watch Porn movies, and think the book version was better.

I'm VERY affectionate, yet I use to hate people touching me.

I used to dream about doing voice over for cartoons.

I have a bad habit of telling sanitation workers "Smell ya later!" when I say bye.

My older brother used to tell me eating "Froot Loops" & "Fruity Pebbles" turned you gay, and to this day I won't go near the stuff. He said "Honeycombs" was safe.

I throw shoes at the T.V. when I watch Tyra Banks or Paula Abdul speak.

I hump dogs legs, so they realize that shit ain't cool! In public.


Rasu said...

LMAO. You're ridiculous!

Conner said...

I already tell you everyday your a NUTCASE.

Lula said...

I love to mess with waiters and ask for a "diet water."

lmao, funny.

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