Friday, February 6, 2009

"Get Into The Party Life!" -Mo' Money Mo' Parties

There SO much going on folks
starting tonight all the way on through to Sunday and then some!
First off tonight "sistahs are doing it for themselves" with a J Dilla tribute at Deity that you must attend EARLY if you plan to attend at all. It'll be just that crazy! Then Target's First Saturday event will feture the first family of music in BK as Keistar Prod. presents their "What the Funk!" James Brown/ Fela tribute party to the museum crowd. "What the ..." will be heard ALOT that night but I don't think it'll end with funk. LOL!
Also Sunday "Recessionista" returns but in Brooklyn with an added fashion show attached at the good ol' resting spot Frank White, so iCal that too! The rest just click on to to find out what your missing out on. Enjoy what you can. I know I will. Hopefully I'll see you out and about and you'll wind up on the M report pics... Maybe?

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