Monday, February 16, 2009

"Let The Goose Loose!" -New Drink Making A Splash!

It seems like the praise for the heroic actions of Captain Sullenberger, the hero pilot, just don't stop huh? Even the clubs have caught ablaze with all the hero worshipping, and have now named a drink in his honor! Yep, you heard right, and it's being called "the Hudson" folks! And it's contents are really simple. When asking for the drink at your favorite watering hole, if the bartender's confused by your request, just tell'em to give you a glass of Grey Goose, with a splash of icy cold water in it. And voila', You'll have the latest trendy drink out. However I think it's rather pricey though, if you ask me. Word is that they're charging upwards of $155 bucks a glass! What?! I'm guessing that's a dollar per passenger that survived the crash huh. LMAO. After surviving a plane crash, trust me, you'd NEED a good drink!

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