Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"On Another Note" -Sam Sparro

Let me tell you folks, insomnia can be a bitch! Never fails, if I dose off early (say 10ish) I always wind up waking around damn near 2 or 3 in the morning! However this time it worked in my favor, cause I luckily caught the performance of an artist I never heard of, but found myself digging. So much so that when the show was over, I searched out other stuff by said artist. Come to find out this "soul" styled singer is from Los Angles by way of Australia, and got a stamp of approval from none other an legendary songstress than Chaka Khan herself. He's been signed to Island records in the UK, was up for a Grammy this year (best dance song), AND has a new EP coming out (Black & Gold)! And his name is Sam Sparro. You'll tell easily from these video examples which one was done once he got signed. Lol. He's dresses like a (lame) LES kid, or a male M.I.A. but pay attention & listen to vocals. Peep this too "Sam Sounds"

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BODEGA said...

its about time he got some play...i love this guy!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"