Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"I Know You Seen Me On The Video..True!" -Jeese Boykins III "Come To My Room" Preview

No lie I get a call from both Jeese Boykins III AND this manager looking to shoot his next video "Come In My Room" at Frank White last weekend! Problem is, Frank White is CLOSED! So resourceful ol' me makes some phone calls and mins later BOOM(!) I get a call back from that corner eatery Speakeasy (on Waverly & Greene) saying we can rock. DOPE! Set up was at 10am, which may as well been 4am cause I was hanging out the night before. But none the less I was there...on time. Here's some behind the scenes flicks and video clips I took on set. Which was fun by the way. This Saturday at the SAME spot (Speakeasy) we're doing an after party for DanceAfrica at BAM /Facebook mixer called "Off the (Face) Books" from 10pm-3am that I would LOVE for you to attend, it's FREE btw. Oh, I almost forgot. The last vid clip is this new BK greeting that's catching fire in the streets right now, so don't be surprised if you see it somewhere else.

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