Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Drake Cakes!" -"The Hottest Dude Out" Drake Live At S.O.B.'s

Well WHO knew (?!?) "Jimmy Brooks", the wheel chair bound character from that tween high school soap opera "DeGrassi" I used to watch (did I just admit that?), would be the most buzzed about rapper/singer out now? I heard the song "Best I Ever Had" long before I realized it was the same dude. If you ever watched the show, you'd understand why I sound so shocked! The cat was a straight cornball on the show, or at least his character was. Guess that's great acting huh? Well anyway fast forward to now, and "Drake" (as he's referred to now) is packing out shows man. Go head Jimmy! You're not taking your career "sitting down" anymore huh? Start standing on line from like...NOW!

Tues. May 26th
w/ CC & Soul Mafia, Folk & Stress
S.O.B.'s - 204 Varick St
8:30 -11:30
21 & over


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