Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Drag Me To Heel!" -Partner Let Me Upgrade You

For as long as shoes have been in existence, ladies have made sure that there was enough space in the cave, hut, pyramid, castle or whatever to keep their shoe collection growing! Now in modern times even though the living spaces have gotten smaller, women refuse to cut back. I'm not hating I'm just making a point that the love of shoes ain't going NOWHERE! Especially now that guys are into it as well with their sneakers. I say lets' celebrate that love. If you're planning to attend the "I Got A Mean Shoe Game" event next Friday (May 29th) I posted some pics of what's expected of you, or rather your feet. Good luck shopping ladies!

Friday May 29th
the Breakfast Club & the Minority Report presents
"I Got A Mean Shoe Game"
Tamboril -527 Myrtle Ave near Grand. & Steuben
Ladies FREE All night guys $10 w/o date
Music by the Ahficionados & Special guest DJ Radio Rose
& Jasmin Solano

Hosted by Aimee' L., Lauren (
and Elle (
Ladies heels, wedgies, pumps, stilettos, etc. Fellas; shoes or clean kicks are a MUST!


Elle said...

Okay! I see two ELLE's will be in the building!

The inawordfab team wouldn't miss it!

xo, Elle of (no dashes boo!)

CXXVII said...

Drag me to heel! hahaha Love it!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"