Friday, May 15, 2009

"Shoe Be Do Be Do!"-Put Your Best Foot Forward May 29th!

It's a different world we live in now! Not only have ladies confessed an unnatural obsession with footwear, men have also express their unwavering love for "fly feet!" So now that the weather is warming up, the Breakfast Club thought what better time to show off what you've been secretly storing away in your closet all winter. Don't feel ashamed to say "Yeah those are nice, but do you have THESE!" while pointing to your feet. Yep, it's that type of party. Long ago folks used to dress outfit first, but now it seems the focus is from the floor up. I'm not mad at that, but yo $#it best be TIGHT! Hosted by self confessed shoe hoarder Aimee' L. and two of the fastest growing fashion blogs out ( & , plus two of the sexiest female DJ's (Radio Rose & Jasmine Solano) around, you better believe cameras will be flashing! Ain't NO half Steppin'!

(the last Fri.) May 29th
the Breakfast Club & the Minority Report
"I Gotta Mean Shoe Game" -
A Salute to the Almighty Shoe
Tamboril -
527 Myrtle Ave. (near Grand & Steuben)
Hosted by
Aimee' L. & Fashion blogspots In A Word-Fab, LMortlock
Music by
Ahficionados w/ guest DJ's Radio Rose & Jasmine Solano
Ladies FREE! all night Guys $5 w/date, $10 w/o
Sponsored by
Uptown Magazine

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