Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Live Long , And Profit!" -Star Trek Movie Review

Yeah...I know, late as ever. But as I explained before I hate going to a movie that has alot of hype surrounding it on the first weekend. The long lines, the sold out show times, the mix match seating, the rowdy fan boys...I'm not with all that. So either that Monday or within that same week, a sneak into a showing at MY leisure. No fuss, no rush. Long story short, I finally got to see Star Trek. As stated in the past, I'm more of a Star Wars dude, but I'm not a hater. A GOOD movie is a GOOD movie, and this was a GOOD movie! Having grown up on the T.V. show I was familiar with the characters but not a follower, so I wasn't lost to who's who in the film. From the jump, there was action aplenty! Summer movies require a strong dose of that (action) and this had enough. Everyone casted was a spot on look-alike and acted similar to the original cast, thumbs up on that. All except for the Captain (James T. Kirk) himself, which wasn't all! Nobody wants a William Shatner impression, unless this was to be a comedy. And speaking of comedy it had it's moments of that as well, which rounded out the movie. It wasn't any big laughs but It was little cool quotes (from the series) that even non "Trekkies" have heard before. Also this was Spock's movie just as much as it was the story of how Kirk became the captain of the USS Enterprise. Dude from Heroes killed it! Zachary Q-whatever? Dope! Couldn't see anybody else playing the new Spock but him. But of course, there had to be at least one "head scratcher" within the film right? Yeah, that Uhura and Spock thing right? Was that what you were thinking too? That was too too random for me dawg! When girls (especially fine ass African-American Earth women, lol) blame me for being emotion less (like Spock) I get dumped! That had no effect of ol' girl... It actually turned her on!?! Say word! But Spock wasn't "Vulcan around" with hon, he has a whole planet to revenge! Life long and Proper (like Hammer) and I'm out son. Go see it!

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Anonymous said...

This film is not Star Trek, or at best a non - canon film. I have seen it twice and I am still divested by it.
Firstly, anyone who loves the series would know that Gene Roddenberry would not have approved of Vulcan being destroyed. Vulcan is the soul of the Star Trek universe. This new timeline (if it is accepted) negates 40 years of continuity.
The attacks on Rick Berman are a joke. He worked with Gene on the development of the TGN and Gene knew of the plans for Deep Space 9.
He led a team that gave us hours of the best Trek. If in doubt watch again Generations and First Contact.
Secondly, this new film has so many links to Star Wars I am surprised that George Lucas hasn't sued:
Young Kirk / Anakin in car / pod racer.
Bar scenes - New Hope
Snow attacks - Hoth monster / Kirk monster.
Spock / Yoda links
Battle scenes - Return Jedi. etc

I just hope that people who love Star Trek can retake the franchise and bring it back to watch Gene imagined. Not just a film that rips of star wars.

Live Long and Prosper
Anthony O'Leary

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"