Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"I'll Be Wack" & "The Devil Made Me Do It" -Terminator Salvation + Angels & Demons Movie Reviews

Last week I got the chance to take in TWO movies that was suppose to kick off the Summer blockbuster run, but it's looking like a false start to me with these two I gotta tell you. I'll explain why, starting with Terminator Salvation first. To me the movie never developed the intensity that the first two did by having a central villain in the film. Two heros and not one single "bad ass" in a world FULL of terminators? Give me at least one programmed to find John Conner of present day and kill him right? You sent one to the past damn it! Kill the son of a bitch NOW man! True be told, that other character dude from the past was WAY more interesting to watch on scene (no homo) than ya boy Christian (I like to go off on the on-set help) Bale! Not to spoil things but ummm...Common's in it too, stink up the joint like his last album. It hurt to watch him fail twice in one year. His worst line after hearing that "the Resistance" was going to blow up a Skynet base full of survivors was "HUH?" Brillant writing fellas. Plus through all the chaos, and day to day combat going on, he must've still found time to get a fresh cut and beard shape up from time to time I'm guessing. The writing was on the (poster) wall, it says Bale (Bail). And that's what I should have done... "Bale'd!"

Now on to Angels & Demons, which wasn't that much better. Might you the whole story plot is suppose to happen with a time span on 24hrs. It works for head-butting Keifer but not so much for Tom (Hanks) here. Especially after a last minute flight to Rome, I'd think he'd be jet lagged. Somehow he gets partnered up w/an attractive female AGAIN(?), who's not only a scientist but can read ancient Latin, and like to deface rare, out of print, only one copy left books. Which by the way struck me as odd that NO cameras in that highly guarded, heavily watched area, caught on tape...what? And NO consequences came from that? I'm an atheist when it comes to believing that would happen! And can we talk about the last min. bomb rescue/parachute escape? Explain to me how Ewan only gets effed up on way down, but an explosion that floored the whole Vatican city left the closest person to the blast untouched? A "Big Bang" proportion type at that! A big BOO on that one! I say he deserves to run the Vatican after surviving the self branding and the near fatal sky dive, it shows that he's committed to his causes no matter how zany. The only sin committed here, was paying to see this before it comes out on DVD.

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D. Logan said...

Homie, I totally agree with most of your Terminator review. That movie sucked. The script was terrible. There wasn't one cool line in the whole movie. Common's character along with all the others did suck, (but Common's last album was dope) The best character was young Kyle Reese. The only dope scene in the movie was the "blast from the past" at the end.

Didn't see Angel & Demons cause I didn't really care for The D'Vinci Code, so I just assumed this would be weak too.

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