Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"But When The Shoe Is On the OTHER Foot..." -Start Shopping for Friday, If Yo "Game" Ain't Tight!

Need help understanding just how SERIOUS folks are about their shoes game before you attend the "I Got A Mean Shoe Game" event this Friday (May 29th)? Well I've just posted three videos to enlighten you on just WHERE you need to be headed in your frame of mind. No pressure but, you may need to look yourself the over twice (from the floor up) before you head on out to Tamboril.

THIS Friday (May 29th)
the Breakfast Club & the Minority Report presents
"I Got A Mean Shoe Game"
Tamboril -527 Myrtle Ave near Grand. & Steuben
Ladies FREE All night guys $10 w/o date
Music by the Ahficionados & Special guest DJ Radio Rose & Jasmin Solano
Raffle for best foot wear
Ladies heels, wedgies, pumps, stilettos, etc. Fellas; shoes or clean kicks are a MUST!

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