Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"No Bull$#it, We Partying HARD!"

DAMN the month just flew right by me man! It's the first wed. of the month, so it could only mean one thing...Yep, If you said another edition of "CoCoBananas!"- the Taurus celebration, you're God damn right! Every first Wed. like clock work, you now know where it's at if you need a space to host an event for a loved one's born day...or even yours! "Buffy" (you all know her) is celebrating hers there TONIGHT! Join her.

May 6st-(Every 1st Weds./Monthly Horoscope Party)
"CoCoBananas" presented by
Guts, Butch Diva, The Minority Report, HHH
Deity -368 Atlantic Ave. near Bond St.
Music by Hard Hitting Harry and the Ahficionados

Got a B'day coming? Plan ahead!
June 3rd, July 1st, Aug. 5th, Sept. 2nd, Oct. 7th, Nov. 4th, Dec. 2nd

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