Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"When They Reminese Over You..." -The Kwame' Reunion (Live On Stage)

Okay the jig is up! For those that had no knowledge of me from the 80's, I was a former member of a short live rap group called Kwame' (and A New Beginning) while I was still attending High School (of Art & Design). From my early teens till my early twenties, I traveled the world over performing on stage the few hits we managed to have ("the Rhythm", "the Man We All Know & Love", & "Only You"). Over the years, I've been blessed to have toured w/the best out at the time, LL Cool Jay, NWA, Public Enemy, Salt & Pepa, Kid & Play, Slick Rick, Rakim & Eric B., 2Pac, man the list goes on! Good times folks, good times. Now a world re known blogger /event planner, you can easily say it's been some time since I been on stage. So you can imagine the shock I had when I received a (Facebook) note at the 11th hour, about a "reunion" performance at the Apollo! Read the note at about 1pm, the sound check was at 3pm, show starts at 8pm! Sheesh! By the time we did one mic check, ate, went home to change and came back, it was time to go right on! No time for nerves now, the Retro Kidz opened up for us (which made PERFECT sense) and it was SHOWTIME (at the Apollo lol)! Mind you right after Dres (of Black Sheep) just KILLED it! Besides one small glitch, the show went over well. Back in the green room, it was like an 80's/90's party with the real artist attending (LOL). Changing Faces, Yvette Michelle, Chubb Rock, Kool Moe Dee, Ed Lover, UTFO, and tons more all we're happy to see each other (...alive still I bet). We weren't allowed to tape but, I said f@#k'em and recorded some stuff anyway. Man I miss that "groupie luv!"

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very cool...didn't know this about you :)


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