Monday, May 4, 2009

"Nas Is Like...Single Again? -Nas & Kelis Throw Some D's (As In D-ivorce) On It!

Now WHO saw this one coming? I swore it was like just two weeks ago she was showing off the baby bump round town like it was the latest "it" handbag. Now they're not even gonna be together? I gotta admit to you guys, I'm not sad about this announcement truth be told...Honestly. I've had a long time crush on the ever stylist Ms. Kel, and now I think I FINALLY have a shot! But this new baby stuff just changes EVERYTHING! Picture me baby sitting for "lil' Esco, or "Nasty Nas Jr." when it's her turn for visitation rights. Oh HELL nah! If he wasn't ready to be a father all he needed is one condom NOT "One Mic" if you ask me. If anybody got the scoop on just why, just holla at me and let me know. I'm good at keeping secrets. Hope he didn't get caught getting some extra "Oochie Wally" on the side man. Tragic!

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