Friday, October 8, 2010

"Vamp Of Approval" -"Let Me In" Review

I LOVE IT when I walk into a movie with no expectations and walk away highly impressed! And this movie did it for me. Now I'm very bougie about my movie selections, and even bougier about Vampire genre movie so I was like, THIS ONE better knock my motherf**kin' socks off! Having to live up to my "long teeth" favorites "Interview W/A Vampire" & long time classic "Lost Boys" I had high hopes that "Let Me In" had some "bite" to it. But don't walk in thinking this is going to be all "guts & gory" and s**t. Fangs a blazing! Nah bro, it's more in the vain of a twisted love story and seduction of a different kind, mixed w/ "Romeo & Juliet." They even show the aforementioned book in the movie. Now we all know the vampire lore is all Hollywood make-believe (I hope) right? However the film works well at making you feel as if Vamps did exist, then this is a slight glimpse of how they would have to interact in today's modern world (well in the movie it's the 80's). The movie's focal points are the two tween actor that LOOK like they would be into that ol' "Twlight" stuff, but ACT way beyond their age. The chick, sorry, little girl from "Kick-Ass" (another unexpected film) Chloe' What'sherface is the talked about star in this one but my money's on the main character getting an Oscar next year. YES I said Oscar! Trust me this film WILL be up for at LEAST one if not MORE! I'm thinking Best Cinematography, Best Lighting Effects, Best Set Design, and maybe something in the acting category even. It definitely has an "Indie/Artsy" film type of feel to it. More story strength then effects. Mainly ALL of the carnage is at a distance or off screen at times. EVEN the adults actors aren't given close ups often...sorta like those "Charlie Brown" cartoons. LOL ;) I originally was setting out to see that "Facebook movie" but this was a GREAT plan V! I give 4 1/2 out of 5 M's for this. I wanna sink my teeth into more of the back story!

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