Sunday, October 24, 2010

"West Of Eden" -Kanye's (Full Length) "Runaway" Video, Cover Art & Title Track

Set for a Nov. 16th release, Kanye & Def Jam are pulling out ALL the stops to insure that one of their top selling artist delivers on a buzz worthy album...and they should. With a reported $3 million dollar recording budget in the age of leaked/bootleg downloads best believe they're looking to recoup that s**t back.! Just released is a full-length long form video with various song off the album to "tease" listeners for what's to come. DOPE idea! Save on release a BUNCH of videos down the line for song that may or may not turn into singles anyways. Not I'm a bit indifferent about how I feel about the video but the images are INCREDIBLE without question! The concept is a play on his ORIGINAL cover art work which was "supposedly" banned (hype, I get it). But what's a G.O.O.D. artist without a lil' controversy huh? I posted below BOTH versions of the cover (which for SOME reason I bet will be a "special limited edition" piece knowing him) and the album title track (I think) "Dark Fantasy." Anywho, here's your Kanye fix foe at LEAST half a week! Lord Lord Lord! BTW* he's NO actor for sure.

Kanye West -"Dark Fantasy"

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