Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.229)

Last Wednesday, I have NO clue just how, but I attended not one but TWO parties back to back and STILL had the strength to get up to grind (no not sexually) the next morning! First I began my "tour of duty" in LES at Happy Ending for one Reese Splendid's birthday gathering. Which started at a decent time, cause Lord knows ANYTHING later I would have tapped out early, and been mad I slept through it. I was comrade-less most of the night so I called in "the Calvary" aka Block Association gang members Silky Valente' and L.A. for the assist. Rumors spread fast that BET'S 106 & Park anniversary party was going down at Marquee, and we NEEDED to get over there pronto before our link to get in was mummified...a wrap! Luckily we found parking rather quick, and was inside lickity split, thick in the middle of the madness. Trey Songz posted up RIGHTNEXT to us so we were bombarded by all the loose groupies, security, and flung panties thrown in his direction. Once one fell into our ice bucket (EWWWW!) it was time to get our coats outta coat check. Trey "seemed" preoccupied by whatever Chris Brown was doing in his booth (note him looking off in the pic posted below). But I brushed it off thinking "I must be beef from their rival Virginia high school wrestling team days." Eh? Who cares? I'm gone.

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