Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"New York, New Stalk" the Monsters Ball Trailer

As if you weren't ALREADY hyped about the "2nd Coming" (of Monsters Ball) the Block Association decided to put the icing on the pumpkin shaped cake and hit you off with a teaser trailer for our (the Brooklyn Circus/the Block Association's) ENORMOUS shindig this Saturday (Oct.30th) down in DUMBO! The clip below stars the Block's very own Keith "Major" as "the Stalker" which has a bit of irony to it, being that folks always comment/complain (whateva!) to me about how they feel "cyber-stalked/spammed" by the numerous notices (via Facebook & e-mail) he sends out, about any upcoming events we're presenting (LOL)! HEY what can I say? The boy goes EXTRA HARD! And can you blame him? He just wants to share the "Good Times" like J.J. with you. "Our joints be CRACK!" His exact words, not mine. So bring your pipes people! BTW* Is 'Frei "the "Black Scorsese"

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