Friday, October 29, 2010

"The Boogie Monster Is Coming" -YES! One Mo' Day Till We Monster Ballin'

The Survival Guide of Having A Great Time @ MONSTERS BALL!

1. Have you RSVP'd for FREE entree (till 11:30) yet? That's the ONLY way that the FREE thing works so...Make sure it's your FULL NAME too!

2. EARLY arrival is HIGHLY SUGGESTED! We're expecting just as (if not BIGGER) than last year's turnout for this Saturday so the line will be long and strong. If you're not through those doors by 11:30 on the dot then you WILL be subject to paying the $10 (or more) entree fee.

3. Know how to get there? Brooklyn Bridge is the best way coming from Manhattan the first exit to your right Cadman Plaza then bear right and straight down will bring you right to Front St. By train you can take, the A/C to High St. third car (coming from BK) exit then walk three blocks down. 2/3 train to Clark St. will put you close too. Last option would be the F train to York as well but the walk is a little farther.

4.Dumbo is TERRIBLE on parking! However there IS a parking lot on the very NEXT block from the venue on Front St. that stays open late!

5.ALL Block Association events are 21+ w/ID Yeah we know the Brooklyn Circus is co-presenting but hey, we're not selling clothes Saturday. It's a PARTY folks! NO ID NO ENTRY NO BUTS! Check before you leave the house and the other purse you forgot it in.

6. This is a COSTUME party! However ALL BLACK attire is fine but CLEAN CUT PLEASE! And honestly a mask wouldn't hurt either if you going for that look. No costume WILL cost you slightly more at the door.

7. They will be all races, ages (over 21), and walks of life there. Be respectful to EVERYONE. Cause you have a mask on is NO excuse to be rude and disruptive. You AND your girl "Snooki" WILL get thrown the f**k out back to Jersey Shore!

8. DJs FREE like 'Frei, Trauma, Goldfinger, and Jasmine Solano are well qualified DJs and play a wide variety of music genres, so you hear a LOT on Sat. Plus we have THREE flrs. so if you're NOT the dancing type then the first and second flrs. are more loungy.

9.Bring friends and a GOOD camera! It's going to be a eyeful if history repeats itself, and you wouldn't wanna miss a THING!

10. Come with a GREAT attitude a make NEW friends and see old ones and simply have a FUN time! Introduce yourself to a Block Association or Brooklyn Circus member and let'em know you appreciate the invitations. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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