Friday, October 22, 2010

"Night Vision" -Vegas At Night

Now you CAN'T go to Vegas and help but to be overwhelmed by the neon electricity that lights up the night up and down the Strip. Part Mardi Gras, part Times Square, part New Years's Eve & Fat Tuesday ALL rolled up in one, Vegas is like an ADULT version of Disney World. Right? Anyway I need to make space on my hard drive so before I delete some memories I thought "Hey, maybe I should post some of these to the blog! Folks that have been OR thinking about going would appreciate 'em (I hope)." Okay so here's Vegas city light as seen through my eyes...the censored version! I left off the bankrupted homeless, random yelling out-of-town drunks, and loosely dressed broads off...cause I wouldn't wanna spoil it for ya! LOL

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