Monday, October 11, 2010

"The Streets Are Talking" -Slangin' On The Corner

Since the dawn of time, man has ALWAYS reinvented new forms of communication to get his point across to express in some shape, form or fashion, exactly was on his mind. We went from small grunts to, drawings on the wall, to printed paper, to the telephone, etc. etc. But truth be told NOTHING beats a good ol' conversation. Am I right? And in these said conversations words tend to take on NEW means to different individuals that can get VERY interesting. ESPECIALLY when these discussion are held inside of your local bodega/corner store. So today I'll be so kind to bring you up to speed (so to speak) on the latest "street vernacular" that some young punk was kind enough to help break it down for me. So you ready? Get I pen cause I'm pretty sure this will be "news to you" too. LOL!

WARNING: Some (nah it's MOST really) are sexual in nature so be cautious reading aloud

"Brain Storm" -No longer does this mean a session of ideas being thrown around.
Oh no! To quote "brain storm" in the hood means, when one is performing oral sex has an excessive amount of saliva that it seems that it's a rain "storm" going on down in your crotch region. And no I kid you not!
Example: "Yo son, let me tell you how last night after me and shawty was chillin' and s**t youknowhatimsayin' drinkin' that Coco Loso and s**t You feel me? She just straight unzipped a n***a joint and started "brain storming" the kid like CRAZZYY!"

"Brain Child" -
Ok so we've already established that "brain" means oral sex on the streets correct? And if you DIDN'T even know THAT then...well let's just say welcome to the 21 century folks. Moving on, "brain child" was explain to me that it was now, someone that learned to perform oral sex at a VERY young age.
Example: "Girl, I gets down like a porn star! But I was sick wit it since Junior High boo! My girlfriends say I was probably born a "brain child!"

"Tender Headed" -Now this one I grew up having painfully memories about because, my Mother used to take a HARD metal pick (YES! w/ the black fist on it) to my 'Fro, when a was a small youth. So I was interested to hear just what the NEW meaning was in today modern times was even though I had somewhat of a good idea. "Tender headed" I was told is when after a man orgasms his penis tends to be HIGHLY SENSITIVE immediately afterwards. And his toes start to look like curly fries! LOL!
Example: "I don't know WHAT you doing down there right now! But it's making me SO tender headed! But PLEASE, by all means DON'T stop!"

"Pipe Dreams" -Now this one I thought was pretty damn creative! Basically it's another way of describing an intense sexual fantasy about someone of interest you like. Trust me, I GET IT!
Example: "Son did you peep that NEW chick that Kanye is dating in his last video? Her body straight gave a ni**a pipe dreams yo! I'm serious, real talk!"

"Chicken Strips" -NO! It's far from those delicious KFC snacks you often crave after I long night of "partyin' and Patron-ing." This definition leans more towards ladies of the...ah hem, gentleman's club persuasion. Usually the ones that come from a "poultry" environment.
Example: "I was getting really into ol' girl , all Carl Thomas "Emotional" and s**t. Till my man told me that the f**kin' chicken strips! I was all like "Say word!"

"Midas Touch" -Again, this ISN'T what you've learned over the year that it meant. With these changing times, even I was scratching my head trying to figure out exactly just WHAT this means now. I guess it's better explained hearing it in a sentence I suppose...
Eaxmple: "Did I ever tell you that my home girl, that I've been knowing for like umteen years, came through to spead the night by me? She sleep over in MY BED so I gave her the Midas touch! As in her's lying there so was thinkin' s**t I MIGHT AS (WELL) TOUCH! Right?

"Gas Money" -What used to be called "trickin' " has now taken on a new term of endearment. Yep! Gas money. So when you tryin' to overly impress a young lady of interest, I.E. "gas her up" Guys are spreading the wealth by throwning a couple of dollars their way to do as they please with it.
Example: "I told shorty that I wanted her to wear something SICK when we go out to Cancun/Miami/Jamaica/Etc. so I gave her some gas money to buy a nice two-piece no biscuit."

"Freak Accident" -Finally this last one was a bit of a hoot that, I don't understand why I didn't see this one coming! It's pretty obvious but for those of you still in the dark I'll further explain in this sentence.
Example: "Yo why a 3 in the morning I had to call wifey an ambulance cause he got a head concussion from her head hitting the head board when we was freakin' off last night! The doc said it was a freak accident I guess! And we both laughed! (Drum sound) Ba dum bum!

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