Friday, October 22, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 231)

Monday night, (I'm not sure if you got my text or not) I assisted in hosting duties for Patty Laurent's label launching event at 1Oak that went off without any glitches despite the behind the scenes DRAMA! Word had it that Diddy put the event on blast on Twitter so 1Oak was type nervous about the turnout wise of course. But I gotta say, it was NO incidents to speak of other than Coco's (yeah Ice-T was there too, hanging with of all people Treach?) ass trying to break free from her pants! The majority of the crowd was white (because that's just how 1Oak gets down) but trust, they do alot of couch sitting that night TOO! Don't get it twisted. Except their couch sitting is accompanied by fist-pumping as well. LOL. Anyways DJ Reach was the music selector for the event and he did well pleasing the mixed (age AND race) crowd of attendees. Cassie, Young Joc, and myself were the only OTHER celebs I noticed throughout the crowd besides the Coco, Ice-T and Treach sightings. Afterwards L.A. and I made a bee line over to CV (105 Rivington) to peep this group 'Frei (the Ahficionados/ the Block Assoc.) has been raving about called Electric Wire Hustle guest DJaying there. Spun around the round twice then punched out for the night...GONE!

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