Friday, May 28, 2010

"Top Down, Convertible Music" -The "Holiday In" Mix Is FINALLY Done!

Now you CAN'T start the Summer without some hot tunes to bump RIGHT?!? Well have no fear the Block Association got you covered on that. Just in time to kick off the season, the Ahificonados & Soundproof Hybrid (the Block Heads) join forces once again to give you the soundtrack to our upcoming event (this Sun. May 30th) "Holiday In" -A Staycation event. This is that top down, seat back, raspberry lemonade, sun tanning, bike cruising, my momma said, she gonna babysit for the WHOLE weekend type of vibe music! Trust me you gon' love it! You DO have the option to download it HERE too ya know. Enjoy it BOTH ways, have a HAPPY SUMMER! Btw* some adv. tix ($10) are still available so asap hit

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