Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Thank You,Thank You, You're Far Too Kind!" -Drizzy & Hov "Light Up"

Ummm...Yea, that's the official art work for this Summer's most anticipated album "Thank Me Later", by the world's favorite new rapper Drake. With as many units he's gonna sell of his s#*t, he could've been dressed in a house coat butt naked with tube socks, and it would STILL sale! Why wouldn't it? Especially when folks are download tracks ANYWAYS! Besides SO much of the albums' been leaked, I'm starting to wonder if the cover should've been just a picture of a rusty faucet! LOL! Here's one more track leaked to add to the list. It's the one with none other than H to the O, V to the Iz A. "Light Up" You can thank me later. I do it ALL for you!

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