Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"I'm a Bush Baby!"-Lookin For Me Lucky Charms

Hey remember the time I posted up the story of how I was picked along w/ my fellow amigos Ouigi (the Brooklyn Circus) & Lyshaan Hall (the Sytlistics Agency/the Block Association) to "model" for some liquor brand's (Bush Mill's Irish whiskey) nation-wide ad? Well to bring you up to speed, not only did they pay us for the day, but two months after, I received a NICE health "tax refund looking check" from them with a note attached basically saying "Pack your bags boyo, we're flying the whole lot of ye out 'ear to Ireland!" So now I'm rushing to get my passport renewed and find clean, internationally friendly, undies to take with me. So from May 11th till the 16th, the Minority Report will be on a vaca of sorts till I get back. So hold Brooklyn down for me 'kay? BTW here's some DUMB ASS questions folks asked me when I broke the news to them about my trip! "Can you bring me back a box of Lucky Charms from there? I hear it's cheaper." "Will you have a translator traveling w/ you on the trip?" "Don't be yelling nothing that even SOUNDS even close to bomb on the plane!" (that was my Mom talking) "What presidents are on their money over there?" "Do you plan to drink alot?" Well DUH!!!! I guess Sun. May 9th will double as my "going away" party as well at "Rock & Bowl" @ Brooklyn Bowl...FREE!


Omm said...

Damn, you one lucky camper/drinker!

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Anonymous said...

Bushmills? That's Protestant Whiskey!

Word to The Wire! LOL!

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

Well it'll get "baptized" in it all next week then! Lol Word to OZ!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"